We Love Tamales!

TML Sauces

Thick when you need it and spicy when the time is right, TML Sauces come in two different ways for you to enjoy.

TML Cooking Sauces are rich, savory, and dense in aroma. Perfect for adding to any protein in a marinade, while cooking, or as a pour over sauce when serving. 

TML Hot Sauces come designed to pack a punch of heat and flavor. It's how Momma likes it, and it's how she wants you to have it too. They're excellent for adding a little heat to a few tacos or to liven up your mild sauce entirely.

These products are a section of our TML Pantry and as such are available for Pre-Order ONLY. TML Sauces are delivered the last Sunday of the month. Ordering windows are from the 20th to the 19th. i.e. July TML pre-order window is from June 20th to July 19th.