We Love Tamales!

TML Catering

TML Catering:

Delivering a mouthwatering, belly rubbing, and efficient catering experience. Select from family style packaging or individually packaged meals. 

Expanded menu options such as enchiladas, pozole, sopes, burriots, potato tacos, and street tacos also available. Send us a message. We just don't like to keep those on the website. They're delicious in their own right and sometimes take away from the beauty of the tamales. Tamale on!

If you're looking for additional tamales that you may have seen advertised in our channels from time to time, please do inquire. Some of those items are seasonal and others can be made through special request. We aim to please, so please ask away!

Checkout and Delivery: Given the nature of our operations, you'll be able to select the delivery day at checkout for your catering order. We will contact you to confirm any final details of your order including the delivery time.