We Love Tamales!

About TML

Tamale My Life, or TML for short, is the Pacific Northwest's premier tamale company. Established in early 2019, TML has been growing steadily thanks to an ever growing and supportive community of tamale lovers. We are a family business providing our delicious cuisine to the corners of the world. We provide catering, popup, pickup, and delivery services. 



About Our Tamales:

We sell Big Tamales and Tamale Bites. The Tamale Bites are chicken nugget sized appetizers that can be eaten in one or two bites. They're perfect for children and can considered a 'mini tamale'. Our Big Tamales are packed with a large amount of filling for maximum flavor capacity. The have the perfect ratio of filling to masa, so you can enjoy the perfect tamale experience. Our tamales are excellent. It takes a special combination of corn meal, custom made salsa, and specially engineered stuffing to make a TML tamale. 

        Pre-Steam TML Tamales:

Our pre-steam and frozen TML tamales come ready to be placed into any steamer. All you'll have to do is place them vertically into the steaming receptacle for about 90 minutes, and they'll be ready to serve!

        Hot and Super Fresh Tamales: 

Our Hot and Super Fresh Tamales come just like that, very hot and super fresh. You can purchase these through our Pop Ups or by pre-ordering online for pick up or delivery to your home or business.  


Our Menu

Brought to you by popular demand. We've developed a simple menu featuring our favorite Mexican dishes. It's nothing fancy, but it is savory. We're open for delivery and pick orders Monday - Sunday from 11a to 7p. We're happy to delivery or you can pick up at our Kitchen in SODO. 


The Pop Up Tamale Shop 

We have Pop Ups throughout the Pacific Northwest at different breweries, corporate offices, and large events. At these Pop Ups, we run a limited batch of Hot and Super Fresh Tamales. These Pop Ups also serve as pick up locations for your pre-orders. You can find where we're going to be at this week through our Pop Up Calendar. We'll see you there!


Pre-Order + Delivery. 

You can pre-order Pre-steam Frozen and Hot and Super Fresh Tamales through our website to be picked up at at Pop Up or have it delivered to your home or business. 

The order cut off for Pop Up Pick Up is 12 hours before the start of an event.

 If you'd like to place a pre-order, please click here.  


Catering Services

Our catering services are pretty straight forward. Pick your Tamale quantity and filling. We'll toss in complimentary salsa, pinto beans, and rice to make sure your guests have delicious sides to enjoy!

If you'd like to place a catering service request, please click here


Tamale Me Monthly - Our Monthly Subscription

We provide monthly subscriptions to Tamale Aficionados. You have four options to select from when it comes to what tamales you'll get monthly. 

  1. Pick your favorite tamale flavor and have it delivered monthly. 
  2. Enroll in an option that will allow you to explore the whole menu month after month. 
  3. You get to be part of an exclusive group of tamale tasters. You'll taste upcoming recipes not released in our regular menu, and your feedback will be greatly valued. 
  4. You'll get a random set of tamale flavors! 

 If you'd like to enroll in Tamale Me Monthly, please click here. 


Our Vision and Timeline

We're a small team with a big vision, and we believe it's important for you to know our plan and how big we want to take it. You'll see our small business grow right before your very eyes. If you love what we do, you'll help us grow our business with every purchase you make. Here's our plan to grow: 

  • Phase 1: Weekend deliveries and Pick Up Pop Up Tamale Shop
We're a small team with limited resources, but we believe wholeheartedly in what we do. That's why we'll commit to delivering your goods every weekend. With your help, we'll continue to make deliveries weekly where we'll be able to grow to our next phase in the project. 
Milestone achieved: July 2019


  • Phase 2: Weekday deliveries and more local neighborhood pickup locations
We would love to start deliveries to your home during the weekdays. Tamales are perfect for a meal right after a long day of work. We're going to need to work with some local shops in your neighborhood that can carry our product in their restaurant, bar, or store. Please help us out! Do you know someone who would be interested in carrying our tamales?
Milestone Achieved: November 2019


  • Phase 3: Catering & Events

So you like the Tamales? Why not help us grow by having us at your event? You love our product already, so what I'm saying is why not share it with all your friends? Friends don't let friends not know who makes the best tamales!

Milestone achieved: October 2019

  • Phase 4: Restaurants & Retail stores

Work with a healthy amount of companies to enhance our distribution channel and provide a sustainable amount of tamales to our local Seattle neighborhoods. 

Milestone expected to be completed August 2020

  • Phase 5: Brick and Mortar TML & Associated Cafe 
There's more specialties we would like to bring to you. As we build upon what you like, we'll introduce specialties that complement your existing tamale knowledge and experience. This would be a great start to having a central location for you to pick up all your important Mexican specialities.  


Our Delivery Radius

  • We'll happily deliver to the following zip codes: 98116, 98134, 98106, 98108, 98118, 98144, 98104, 98122, 98112, 98102, 98109, 98121, 98101, 98119, 98199, 98107, 98117, 98103, 98115, 98105, & 98040


Pick Up Instructions at a PoPuP 

  • Walk up to the booth
  • Tell us you have a pre-order
Pick Up Instructions at Kitchen
  • Park
  • Call 206-552-9487 to notify us you've arrived
  • We'll bring your food out to you